What real French moms love, and hate, about American Parenting


We are featured in an article on Today.com discussing French and American parenting styles.  Check it out! Bébé wars, part deux: What real French moms love, and hate, about American parenting

“Pain” au chocolat

A pain one minute, a sweetie the next!

Could Alexandre be so advanced that we have headed into the terrible two’s before we are even 18 months old? I don’t recall the other kids being quite so difficult or demanding, and, naturally… I am inclined to consider the one big parenting difference between Alex and the “big kids:” his bilingual upbringing. While 18 […]


Alex et maman

As Alex turned one, I struggled with the decision to return to work.  I know full well what challenges this will pose for us on our bilingual journey.  His peers, childcare providers and social circles will all speak English.  Will my time in the mornings, evenings and weekends be enough for Alex to keep growing […]

When I Have Time…


I opened an email this morning from someone that wrote that she “had some extra time before she had to head to work” and decided to drop me a line. I looked down at my wrinkled pajamas and put a hand to my disheveled hair. If I had the time to find myself up, dressed, […]

Baby Brain Booster

"He's got the whole world in his hands"... with a little help from us, that is.

Babies in their second month of life are the ultimate challenge for parents:  sleepless nights accruing at an exhausting pace, an emerging baby personality that is not always as complacent as the once sleepy newborn, and for me – keeping up with our bilingual baby challenge.  Happily, I was inundated with articles and research sent to […]

This is one of the cutest little Frenchies in the world!  Complete with English subtitles, even you non-francophones will adore her.

Bienvenue petit bébé!

Notre merveille...

I can not believe 4 weeks have already passed since our petit Alexandre was welcomed into our hearts and lives.  From the moment we met him, it was love at first sight, as I know is the case for many moms and dads embarking on the parenting adventure, no matter if it is baby number […]

Bracing for our Bilingual Baby Boy


The day looms close.  With our due date on Thursday and the baby already measuring almost 9 pounds, the doctor has agreed we shouldn’t go past the date.  How is it that we moms can be so excited and yet so scared at the same time?  So “ready” and so “not ready” to actually move […]

Mario Kart…à la française

Being a maman to kids from (almost) newborn to “tween” means having a very diverse set of interests in our home.  For the moms of “bigger” kids, this video is sure to be a hit.  If your kids like Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart as much as mine do, they will love this French […]

Summer Vacation Overload?


With the summer reaching its final stage as August looms around the corner, I wonder how many Moms are ready for “back to school” already.  Even though school brings homework and class projects and parent volunteers and sports schedules, there is something to be said for that structured routine that (let’s be honest) gets the […]