Baby Name Poll

Baby 4 ultrasound

How hard it is to choose a third baby boy name! We are looking to keep with a traditional but not too common name that can be used in either French OR English, since this little guy will grow up bilingual.  The due date is fast approaching; only 1 week to go! Our other children […]

Maman Maud et Bébé Lydia

Our little girls playing "maman" and "fille"

The girls have had a wonderful time together, and we are sad to see our French friends leave today.  For their last night together, Maud and Lydia put on a little skit to help me get ready for my bilingual baby experience.  In our first YouTube channel video broadcast, Maud plays the maman speaking in […]

Nouveau in NOLA

Vive le français à la Nouvelle-Orléans

As a recent northern transplant living in the deep south, I find it comforting to have the French culture, history and traditions of New Orleans, LA only 2 hours from my front door. Be it nothing more than an overabundance of French street names or historical souvenirs, I can still get my “French fix” by […]

Bastille Day Bashes


While the Fourth of July is a little bittersweet for those Americans on vacation, marking the mid-point of summer with climatic fireworks displays, Bastille Day is just around the corner and can help prolong those one-of-a-kind summer feelings with some more Bleu, Blanc and Rouge.  The French community is alive and well in many American cities […]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?


As the food debate continues from coast to coast, in the U.S. and beyond, and parents are faced with the ever-present challenge of providing a balanced diet for our kids, carbs in general have come under intense scrutiny.  I have even sat across from the nurse at the pediatrician’s office and answered the question “Are […]

What Defines the ‘Mommy du Jour?’

Mommy du Jour... balancing all 3 (.7) of my babes.

I was so surprised to see that only a handful of people chose to participate in the poll about the qualities of the modern Mom du Jour, while poll questions like where people travel or what baby name to choose received hundreds of replies.  This gave me pause, and made me realize that we moms […]

Let’s Hear it for the Nerds

Adorable at this age... and beyond?

A defining cultural quality of the American life is the love and obsession most of us have for sports.  It influences our playdates, our children’s schedules, their school life, their hope for a scholarship… and then once they have (hopefully) made it to the adult world, it influences their leisure time and social relationships.  Sports […]

Bilingual Bib

French bib

So, I must not be the only Mom out there who will raise a French-speaking baby in an English-speaking world. I love this bib and the concept itself. Too cute! Now if we could get a duplicate in French: “Je suis bilingue. Je pleure en français ET en anglais.” And in blue, of course! Have […]

Mobile Public Library Offers FREE On-Line Language Learning!


I can’t believe it myself, but the title says it all.  With nothing more than the library card number you Mobile, Alabama residents surely have stashed in your wallet, you can participate in on-line foreign language courses offering many different languages.  I tried it out myself (in French, of course, to make sure it was […]

French Songs for Kids

Jean Petit

There is no shortage of French Songs for kids to be had and loved… even by us grown-ups. One of our favorite artists, however, is Steve Waring.  You may notice that a name like “Steve Waring” doesn’t sound very French, and you would be right!  Mr. Waring left the U.S. for France and has become […]