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This is one of the cutest little Frenchies in the world!  Complete with English subtitles, even you non-francophones will adore her.

Mario Kart…à la française

Being a maman to kids from (almost) newborn to “tween” means having a very diverse set of interests in our home.  For the moms of “bigger” kids, this video is sure to be a hit.  If your kids like Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart as much as mine do, they will love this French […]

Maman Maud et Bébé Lydia

Our little girls playing "maman" and "fille"

The girls have had a wonderful time together, and we are sad to see our French friends leave today.  For their last night together, Maud and Lydia put on a little skit to help me get ready for my bilingual baby experience.  In our first YouTube channel video broadcast, Maud plays the maman speaking in […]

French Songs for Kids

Jean Petit

There is no shortage of French Songs for kids to be had and loved… even by us grown-ups. One of our favorite artists, however, is Steve Waring.  You may notice that a name like “Steve Waring” doesn’t sound very French, and you would be right!  Mr. Waring left the U.S. for France and has become […]