“Pain” au chocolat

A pain one minute, a sweetie the next!

Could Alexandre be so advanced that we have headed into the terrible two’s before we are even 18 months old? I don’t recall the other kids being quite so difficult or demanding, and, naturally… I am inclined to consider the one big parenting difference between Alex and the “big kids:” his bilingual upbringing. While 18 […]

When I Have Time…


I opened an email this morning from someone that wrote that she “had some extra time before she had to head to work” and decided to drop me a line. I looked down at my wrinkled pajamas and put a hand to my disheveled hair. If I had the time to find myself up, dressed, […]

Baby Name Poll

Baby 4 ultrasound

How hard it is to choose a third baby boy name! We are looking to keep with a traditional but not too common name that can be used in either French OR English, since this little guy will grow up bilingual.  The due date is fast approaching; only 1 week to go! Our other children […]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?


As the food debate continues from coast to coast, in the U.S. and beyond, and parents are faced with the ever-present challenge of providing a balanced diet for our kids, carbs in general have come under intense scrutiny.  I have even sat across from the nurse at the pediatrician’s office and answered the question “Are […]

What Defines the ‘Mommy du Jour?’

Mommy du Jour... balancing all 3 (.7) of my babes.

I was so surprised to see that only a handful of people chose to participate in the poll about the qualities of the modern Mom du Jour, while poll questions like where people travel or what baby name to choose received hundreds of replies.  This gave me pause, and made me realize that we moms […]

Forever Friends

The girls this morning, 7 1/2 years into their friendship!

The first of our “Frenchies” has arrived!  Lydia and Maud met when they were only 3 years old back in 2004 and have been friends ever since.  They have maintained their cross Atlantic friendship despite the distance and language barrier.  While Maud learned English during her family’s stay in PA from 2004-2007, Lydia knows but […]

The Name Game

baby bump

There are so many moments of anticipation throughout a pregnancy.  Each week you progress throughout the 40 weeks, no matter how many pregnancies you’ve had, feels like a milestone.  But one of the most exciting parts is knowing if le bébé will be a boy or a girl, followed close behind by what the name […]