Alex et maman

As Alex turned one, I struggled with the decision to return to work.  I know full well what challenges this will pose for us on our bilingual journey.  His peers, childcare providers and social circles will all speak English.  Will my time in the mornings, evenings and weekends be enough for Alex to keep growing […]

Bienvenue petit bébé!

Notre merveille...

I can not believe 4 weeks have already passed since our petit Alexandre was welcomed into our hearts and lives.  From the moment we met him, it was love at first sight, as I know is the case for many moms and dads embarking on the parenting adventure, no matter if it is baby number […]

Bracing for our Bilingual Baby Boy


The day looms close.  With our due date on Thursday and the baby already measuring almost 9 pounds, the doctor has agreed we shouldn’t go past the date.  How is it that we moms can be so excited and yet so scared at the same time?  So “ready” and so “not ready” to actually move […]

Bilingual Bib

French bib

So, I must not be the only Mom out there who will raise a French-speaking baby in an English-speaking world. I love this bib and the concept itself. Too cute! Now if we could get a duplicate in French: “Je suis bilingue. Je pleure en français ET en anglais.” And in blue, of course! Have […]

Bonjour Bradley!


  If you thought you had heard of Bradley Cooper before, you haven’t heard anything until you have heard him speaking French.  This beloved actor has been recently hailed not for his performance in the Hangover franchise as “Phil,” but for his amazing bilingual talents.  Despite the fact that there have been countless hits and […]