French Songs for Kids

There is no shortage of French Songs for kids to be had and loved… even by us grown-ups. One of our favorite artists, however, is Steve Waring.  You may notice that a name like “Steve Waring” doesn’t sound very French, and you would be right!  Mr. Waring left the U.S. for France and has become a beloved songwriter and singer in French since he moved there in 1965. Some of our favorites include “La Baleine Bleue” and “Les Grenouilles.” The kids don’t even need to understand French to fall in love with his music, and just by playing one of our well-worn CDs, my non-speaking-French children can recall all the lyrics and sing along in tune with this childhood favorite.

Two of our kids’ favorites are La Baleine Bleue and Les Grenouilles, both available from here:

Steve also sings a well-known French children’s favorite, “Jean Petit qui Danse”, which will have your kids humming along in no time, all the while learning body part vocab in French! Click on the video animation above of this well-known tune with a cover by a different group, Martial.

Get the MP3 Download from here:

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