The Name Game

There are so many moments of anticipation throughout a pregnancy.  Each week you progress throughout the 40 weeks, no matter how many pregnancies you’ve had, feels like a milestone.  But one of the most exciting parts is knowing if le bébé will be a boy or a girl, followed close behind by what the name will be.  For me, the naming of our children has always been the hardest part.  While decisions like what color the nursery will be or what baby food we introduce first or how long I breastfeed will fade into the fabric of his past, the name we give our newest son will last forever!  How do you choose a name, and more… will you help me?

I have several prerequisites which make this process more complicated, I know.

First: his name HAS to exist, or at least be able to be pronounced, in French.  I can not undertake the task of speaking to him exclusively in French with a hip name like “Blake” that would sound something like the verbal manifestation of a bad case of indigestion when spoken in French.

Second: sadly, as many of you teachers will appreciate, his name can not conjure up images of former students.  For someone who has taught for a dozen years, this part is tricky.

Last: we like more traditional, but not very common names.  However, since my husband grew up with a less-than-normal name, he insists it not be too trendy or difficult to spell.

Our other children are named: Lydia, Joel and Colin.

While Daddy isn’t sold on either, the kids and I are stuck between these two for now:

                                    Adam                                                                                                           Leo (Léo)

What do you think?


  1. I’m not sure my opinion is worth all that much, but I have to say–Leo for sure!

    It’s funny, I was just thinking about a book i read a while ago, and there was a character named leo.

  2. Love both names…… And Adam is a fave name of mine so I guess I’m leaning towards Adam. But Leo sound Frenchier to me! Bellyshot is great. Sorry I missed the party…. I’ve got a stroller with your name on it so let me know when you want to get together. xo

  3. Adam a une connotation beaucoup plus religieuse, non ?
    Moi, je vote pour Leo (comme Leonard de Vinci!).

  4. allison says:

    Since I can’t hold a like Blake, I think I’ll go for Adam! Blake for the middle name? A girl can try..
    Everything looks awesome!!!! SO proud of you!

  5. As your very proud mother, I know you will pick the perfect name and I will love it. However, my teeny vote might be for Adam. I love you!

  6. I like Leo too. Different without being unheard of. Both names are nice though. Lucky baby either way. Site looks great, congrats!

  7. Suzette says:

    hi Renée!

    I say Adam. it’d also be neat for him to have his own initials (Léo and Lydia both start with L)

    bonne chance!


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