Mobile Public Library Offers FREE On-Line Language Learning!

I can’t believe it myself, but the title says it all.  With nothing more than the library card number you Mobile, Alabama residents surely have stashed in your wallet, you can participate in on-line foreign language courses offering many different languages.  I tried it out myself (in French, of course, to make sure it was valid) and found it to be entertaining, resourceful and best of all… FREE and EASY!

There are two options of study or participation: the first is to sign in and learn phrases and pronunciation according to your preferences, while the second option of creating an account will allow you to keep track of your progress and pick up where you left off in a previous session.

As a mom of kids who take Spanish at school, I think this could be useful for basic studying or quiz prep too, especially after they enter high school.  What do you think?

I also love this for anyone planning an overseas trip this summer or beyond.  The categories are broken down by communication goals, so you could choose to just hear and learn the phrases for greeting people or paying at a restaurant, for example.  Cool!

The courses are offered through Mango Languages, something entirely new to me.  Does anyone outside of Mobile know if other libraries offer the same feature?

Please try it out… for you OR the kids… and share your thoughts with us here.

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