Bonjour Bradley!


If you thought you had heard of Bradley Cooper before, you haven’t heard anything until you have heard him speaking French.  This beloved actor has been recently hailed not for his performance in the Hangover franchise as “Phil,” but for his amazing bilingual talents.  Despite the fact that there have been countless hits and searches on the Internet since the TF1 Interview aired on May 30, it is unlikely that everyone seeking the YouTube sensation understands what he is saying… but, boy oh boy do they like it!  Where does this instinctive attraction to a man (or a woman, for that matter) who can speak another language, particularly French, come from?

(Can’t wait any longer to see what I mean?  Click the link to watch the 3 minute video here:

Could it be because French is considered “the language of love?”  Try as you might, though you have undoubtedly heard it coined as such, you will not be able to find a unanimous reason for why Americans call French the ‘language of love.’  Still, since a reciprocal  appreciation between France and America began before the Revolutionary War, there has been an undeniable appeal for all things ‘French.’  From cuisine to couture to craft stores, anything with so much as an ill-placed accent mark on a restaurant décor item can attract interest from the public.

While I can’t say Hangover 1 or 2 is kid-friendly viewing, I can say the fact that Bradley Cooper has taken the interest and commitment to learn another language to such a high-degree of mastery is relevant to our kids.  And even though I would be remiss not to point out that he does make a few minor mistakes in his responses, he has catapulted his success and impressed even more audiences with his willingness to partake in another culture so fully.  So soak it up, Moms (or Dads!) and let your kids know that the very cool Bradley Cooper didn’t abandon foreign language learning on his path to success.

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