Nouveau in NOLA

As a recent northern transplant living in the deep south, I find it comforting to have the French culture, history and traditions of

Vive le français à la Nouvelle-Orléans

New Orleans, LA only 2 hours from my front door. Be it nothing more than an overabundance of French street names or historical souvenirs, I can still get my “French fix” by heading to the Big Easy.  Exciting news for French lovers like me is the new Francophile website devoted to NOLA.  Authored by Michael Depp, a journalism professor at Tulane University, this bilingual site focuses on education, culture, news events, and forums for the development of French language and the French community within New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

For my French speaking followers, read the article about this great new resource found in this month’s issue of France-Amérique here:

To browse the new site directly, visit:

Bonne visite!

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