Maman Maud et Bébé Lydia

The girls have had a wonderful time together, and we are sad to see our French friends leave today.  For their last night together, Maud and Lydia put on a little skit to help me get ready for my bilingual baby experience.  In our first YouTube channel video broadcast, Maud plays the maman speaking in French to her American bébé.  These French baby vocabulary expressions will very soon become a reality for the kids and I as we get ready to make our home bilingual, although the only reality present in this clip is how funny and adorable our girls are together!

Our little girls playing "maman" and "fille"

Watch and see how clever they were using the French baby vocab here:

pleure pas = don’t cry

jouer = to play

allez = come on/alrighty then (in this context)

un bavoir = a bib

un biberon = a bottle

faire rototo = to burp (the baby… this is not the same kind of burp your husband does after dinner!)

mon lapin = my bunny

faire dodo = to go nite nite

une totote = a binky

un doudou = a blanky (or some other bed time necessity!)

mon poussin = my chick

changer la couche = to change the diaper


  1. I LOVED IT–MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Very good actors, however, the “baby” was a bit of a handful for her oh so patient French mommy :-) !

    • Merci! I agree with you. The funniest part is at the end when “Maman” notices the baby really needs a diaper change and calls for Daddy instead! It will be a tough good-bye this afternoon.

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