Mario Kart…à la française

Being a maman to kids from (almost) newborn to “tween” means having a very diverse set of interests in our home.  For the moms of “bigger” kids, this video is sure to be a hit.  If your kids like Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart as much as mine do, they will love this French prankster video.  Rémi Gaillard is quite the sensation in France, known for creating videos of stunts and tricks that, while good-natured and not life-threatening, usually produce fits of giggles in kids ranging from 6 to 60.  He has made quite a name for himself overseas, and now my American babes are hooked too.  Check out this authentic video of Monsieur Gaillard playing Mario in Montpellier, France.

If you like this one, my kids are also bigs fans of his Kangourou clip.  You’ll be able to find it easily online.

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