Forever Friends

The girls in January '06, only 5 years old!

The first of our “Frenchies” has arrived!  Lydia and Maud met when they were only 3 years old back in 2004 and have been friends ever since.  They have maintained their cross Atlantic friendship despite the distance and language barrier.  While Maud learned English during her family’s stay in PA from 2004-2007, Lydia knows but a few phrases.  (Maybe our teaching baby #4 French will bulk up her vocab!)  Every summer, Maud comes to spend nearly a month living the “American life” with us, and Lydia went for her first visit to France in 2010.  It is incredible to see these two girls grow up together and share their cultures in what promises to be a lifelong friendship!  I admit, it is much easier to add culture and diversity to our kids’ lives having such good friends overseas, but the digital age has connected many of us in ways we never thought were possible only 10 years ago.  Who do you know or love abroad?

The girls this morning, 7 1/2 years into their friendship!


  1. Hello Maud,
    Happy to see you smiling next to your American “cousin”. I love the picture. But I have to say I prefer the one with the two silly 5 years old little girls! So cute!

  2. They are so adorable—it is an amazing friendship. Both of the girls are very special and their love of each other is admirable. Hello Maud—We also miss you in Pennsylvania!! Have a wonderful visit.

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