Baby Brain Booster

"He's got the whole world in his hands"... with a little help from us, that is.

Babies in their second month of life are the ultimate challenge for parents:  sleepless nights accruing at an exhausting pace, an emerging baby personality that is not always as complacent as the once sleepy newborn, and for me – keeping up with our bilingual baby challenge.  Happily, I was inundated with articles and research sent to […]

What Defines the ‘Mommy du Jour?’

Mommy du Jour... balancing all 3 (.7) of my babes.

I was so surprised to see that only a handful of people chose to participate in the poll about the qualities of the modern Mom du Jour, while poll questions like where people travel or what baby name to choose received hundreds of replies.  This gave me pause, and made me realize that we moms […]